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The Question Connection offers the following tournament question formats for Junior High and Middle School play.  If you do not see the format you need, please contact and we may be able to create a format specifically for you!

Competition and Tournament Formats:

Alabama Format:

Each round consists of four periods: a 5-point period with 10 tossups, a period of 10 tossups with linked bonuses, a 20 question worksheet period, and a 15-point period with 10 tossups.
Price: $12

Kansas Format:

Each round consists of 16 questions divided in the following way: 3 Language Arts, 3 Social Science, 3 Science, 3 Mathematics, 2 Fine Arts/Humanities, 1 Foreign Language, and 1 Current Events.
Price: $7

Kentucky Format: 

Quick Recall- The questions are straight tossups with correctly answered tossups counting as bonuses.  There are 80 questions in each round with 5 alternates.  Each set is evenly distributed between Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Humanities.  Two copies are provided, one for the moderator and the other for the judge.
Price: $16

Louisiana Format:

Each round is divided into 4 quarters: a quarter with ten tossups, a quarter with 3 lightning round choices, a 20 question worksheet quarter, and a quarter of 10 tossups with accompanying 4-part bonuses.
Price: $20

Washington Format:

Oral Rounds- Each round consists of sixty short answer questions and five alternates.  
Price: $12

Written Rounds- Each round consists of 60 multiple choice questions to be answered jointly by members of the team.
Price: $20


Ready to order questions for a tournament?  Please e-mail us at and tell us exactly what you need.


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Last modified: February 11, 2007